Thursday, 23 May 2013

Just discovered an amazing new feature of the Robinson library. If you go to the stone benches outside the entrance and stand in the very centre of the circle, your voice will echo and reverberate. Ingenious eh?
Just spent a good 10 minutes wandering around the Robinson library trying to find a peaceful loo to deposit my morning business.

It seems that as it's exam season, both seats and loos are in short supply. 

Moral of the story kids: if you want to have a seat and to do a poo, get to the library early!
Apologies that this is from the Daily Mail, but this is Jennifer Aniston wearing not many clothes.

Just watched a brilliant video of Old 'Arry pondering over his misfortunes.

What a geezer
I have just arrived in the library after getting way-laid in Jesmond. I am going to do my standard pre-work interneting that consists of Facebook, Twitter, BBC Sport, BBC News and possibly TeamTalk. Then i'll probably have a cigarette and go for a wander through the library to scout the latest talent on the 3rd floor.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Only got 3 pages in...

A quick browse of twitter led me to see a tweet by the Newcastle Tab advertising, a game where you have to identify where you are from a Google street view image. 

That was interrupted by having to return a laptop charger to the other end of the library, which took up another 3 minutes.

Setting this up has taken up a considerable amount of time...

Now that it is all up and running (I hope), I can not get on with some revision. I am going to try and read an article about religious toleration in the Enlightenment which is about 20 pages long.

How long will it take for my mind to wander?


I am a student whose life at the moment, like everyone else's, comprises of endless hours of indescribable boredom, trying to revise for exams in the library. While this time in theory should be devoted to 100% studying, it most certainly is not, and I am constantly procrastinating and finding novel ways of distracting myself from the inevitable monotony of student exam time.

As I am at Newcastle university, my library of choice is the Robinson library.

Here I will document in detail my procrastination as I try to relieve my boredom generated by my impending exams.